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Asset Protection

What Asset Protection cover?
Asset protection has two goals, to minimize risk of potential liability and to preserve your assets. The basic purpose of asset protection is to balance the scales of justice in connection with lawsuits. No insurance, or estate planning services, can do this for you. Braxton´s asset protection services help our clients feel like they can do business more freely, or practice their profession more fully.

Asset protection involves a combination of legal structures that create barriers between your wealth and potential threats. A good asset protection lawyer will create a precise, customized and carefully crafted asset protection strategy based on a comprehensive review of a person’s financial resources and assets.

Our asset protection system utilizes legal components that work together to protect your accumulated wealth (including stocks, bonds, and securities), Real Estate and equipment used in your business or medical practice.

You can learn more about Braxton Asset Protection services in Asset Protection Planning.


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Fiduciary Services

Braxton offers Trust Agency and other fiduciary-related services, including acting as trustee. Our Fiduciary Services provide Trust and Foundatiion services for private family trusts and others.

Fiduciary structures can be used to achieve a variety of objectives. Braxton offers a range of tailored solutions to achieve such objectives.

Succession planning may allow the client to pass assets to heirs in an orderly fashion,avoiding complex and time consuming probate and other formalities. In this context, a foundation or a trust can act as a will, allowing the client to choose who will benefit from his/her wealth, and the timing of their benefit.

International Retirement Plans, with potential for favourable tax planning opportunities.


Tax Mitigation – utilising a Foundation, a Trust or a Company, in some circumstances, can present an opportunity to reduce the client overall tax burden.

We will work carefully and in hand with the client´s advisors to seek tax efficiency.

Administration of Asset Holding Structures

  • Limited Partnerships
  • Property Investment Companies
  • Investment Companies
  • Protected Cell Companies

Simplification of Affairs can be achieved where the client own assets of different types through out the world. We will co-ordinate management and reporting into a single legal structure.