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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider co-branding?
In an industry where referrals are the lifeblood, you know how critical it is to be identified as a successful, client-focused firm. A Braxton Advisor Network logo on your materials reinforces these attributes and affirms to clients and prospects that you are respected by a major financial institution. And Braxton referrals will feel reassured that your firm shares many of the values that drew them to Braxton.

Where can the Braxton name help me the most?
At a minimum, we encourage you to consider co-branding your communications with Braxton Advisor Network referrals. Their choice of Braxton in the first place indicates an affinity for the Braxton brand. When you display the Braxton Network logo, you help provide a more seamless client experience for the referral and may even find it easier to develop your relationship with the client.

Am I required to display the logo on certain materials?
No. Co-branding is completely optional. Use the Braxton Advisor Network logo where it meets your marketing objectives, subject to Braxton’s co-branding guidelines and consent.

How do I get started with the program?
You’ll need to contact us and Braxton will decide if you may participate in the co-branding program. After you’ve been selected and after you received the co-branding documentation, you can begin to take full advantage of Braxton Advisor Network co-branding.

If I co-brand with Braxton, what happens to my firm’s identity?
Your own identity remains primary. Our co-branding guidelines call for the Braxton logo to maintain a secondary position to your firm name. In fact, we ask advisors to avoid creating materials that appear too “Braxton-like” in terms of look and feel. And remember, you may use the logo selectively — choosing to display it only where you feel it will support your business development efforts, subject to Braxton’s co-branding guidelines and consent.

Which Braxton logo can I use?
You may display only the Braxton Advisor Network logo or a streamlined version of the logo. Use of either requires prior approval from Braxton. If you are interested in co-branding, we’ll contact you to cover all you need to know to begin using the Braxton Advisor Network logo.

Please Note: Logos must be accompanied by Braxton disclosure copy. Specific wording and size guidelines will be discussed in your co-branding communication with us.

Which communications can I co-brand?
Generally speaking, co-branding is available for the following types of material:

  • Marketing brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Selected presentations and handouts
  • Advisor-generated statements or performance reports
  • Applications and forms
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead (stationery)
  • Service proposals

Any material you wish to co-brand must be submitted to Braxton for review and consent prior to first use.