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Disclosure Statements

Braxton provides free information services to customers who rely on legal, tax, financial advisors, consultants, accountants and other professional advisors to help them achieve their business goals. Following are important disclosures about these services. There are additional disclosures in the Braxton’s Terms of Service document.

In most countries, professional advisors do not provide audited track records. Consequently, it is very difficult for customers and third parties to determine the actual quality of advisors before they hire them. Braxton offers, in some countries, a methodology for pre-screening advisor information that measures their competence, ethics, and business practices.

Braxton reviews competence through some professional advisor information, such as education, years of industry experience, certifications, designations, association memberships, additional team or firm professionals, and scope of current business. Ethics is measured by reviewing some information such as criminal records and willingness to provide full disclosure to investors. Business practices are measured by reviewing information such as methods of compensation, reporting, accessibility and contact methods. 

Braxton’s pre-screening process are subject to the following qualifications:

  • The information in professional advisor profiles do not mean advisors will provide competent, ethical advice in the future.
  • The Braxton pre-screening process does not review the historical service performance of the advisors; therefore, the process has no predictive value for future service performance.
  • The certifications does not mean professional advisors will provide superior advice, services, quality or performance compared to advisors who have not been pre-screened or certified by Braxton. 

Additional disclosures and disclaimers about our review processes are provided in our Terms of Service document. All customers who use the services and information on this website agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

Some Independent Professional Advisors subscribe to Braxton’s  Advisor Due Diligence (ADD) service. The ADD service is a background checking service that validates some, but not all, information in professional advisor profiles. The reliability of information that is provided by a ADD certified advisor is governed by Braxton’s Terms of Service document.

Terminated Advisors
Advisors who were profiled in the Braxton sites may continue to display a Braxton Certified Partner icon on their websites and marketing literature after they have been removed from the Braxton sites. Customers are solely responsible for determining if advisors who claim to be Braxton Certified Partners are currently profiled in the Braxton sites. Customer should contact Braxton to determine if advisors are currently profiled in the Braxton sites. 

Safe & Easy
Braxton believes professional advisors who are profiled in our sites are safer choices for customers because they have volunteered to document substantial amounts of information about their credentials, ethics, quality, business practices, and services. Braxton believes documented information is more reliable and safer than information that is provided in sales pitches. We also believe advisors who volunteer this information are safer choices than advisors who do not provide this information.

Braxton thinks that professional advisors who are profiled in the Braxton sites are easier choices because customers do not have to know the right questions to ask to obtain the information they need to select them. In addition, customers do not need an objective process for recording information from multiple advisors. Braxton believes this is an easier data collection process for customers.

Competent and Trustworthy
Braxton believes the advisors who are profiled in the Braxton websites are competent and trustworthy based on our review of their education, designations, experience, certifications,and association memberships.

Paladin Opinions
Some of the information on this website represents the opinions of Braxton professionals. Not all professionals, firms, or regulatory agencies agree with these opinions.

Validation of Professional Advisor Data
All information in Braxton documents for professional advisors has been provided to Braxton by advisors. Professional Advisors are required to certify that the data in their profiles are complete, accurate, and current. Braxton reviews all data that are provided by professional advisors. Braxton publishes information that is submitted by advisors and Braxton does not validate the completeness or accuracy of the information. Customers are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of advisor information.

Some professional advisors, who are profiled in the Braxton sites, are ADD Certified, in which case Braxton has validated some their information.