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ADD Certification

Selecting professional advisers is a high risk endeavor for most customers for the following reasons:

  • Some Advisors claim to be experts because customers have no way to invalidate the claim
  • Some Advisors use personalities and sales skills to win relationships and gain the client approval
  • Some Advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements for credentials, ethics, practices 
  • Some Advisors claim to be ethical because they know customers do not check compliance records
  • In some countries, the industry of some professions has very low standards for tax and consulting advisors: no education or experience requirements 

Voluntary Disclosure
We think there is a solution. The advisors who are profiled in the Paladin Registry have volunteered important information about their credentials, ethics, business practices and services because they have nothing to hide.

Braxton Certification
Braxton looks at the accuracy of key information that is contained in the advisors’ professional profiles. When Braxton validates the accuracy of information, the customers don’t have to. This saves the customer time and reduces his/her risk of selecting a professional advisor based on inaccurate or out-of-date information. 

Many of the financial professionals who are profiled in the Braxton site have voluntarily subscribed to Braxton Advisor Due Diligence (ADD) certification service.

  • Braxton conducts an extensive background check
  • Braxton certifies the accuracy of key information in the advisors’ Braxton page profiles
  • These advisors display a ADD Certified icon on their Braxton documentation

Background Checks
Braxton’s background checking service includes a review of information from several organizations and sources, such as:

  • Industry associations
  • Universities
  • Criminal Records
  • Internet Name Searches
  • Financial Stability (Lawsuits, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies)
  • Social Network Research
  • Website Review, including review all content fo excessive claims, potential conflicts of interest and  adequate disclosure.

Braxton’s background checking and certification services are subject to limitations that are described in this website’s Terms of Service document.