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Advisor Network

Braxton Professional Advisor Network™

Helping the customers get the right professional guidance for your needs

A tailored solution for the customers´ professional situations

For most clients, professional needs may be best served by establishing a relationship with an independent professional advisor who offers the personalized attention and specialized expertise the customer require.

An ongoing partnership
With Braxton Professional Advisor Network, the customers will be updated regularly on their services, and as their personal and business situation evolves and their goals change, the Braxton Professional Advisor can make adjustments to align their solutions with their needs.

Someone you can feel comfortable with
We’ll talk with the customer about his/her needs and preferences, then identify advisors in the Braxton Professional Advisor Network who have the specialized expertise, philosophy and qualtity that’s right for the customer.

Independent, experienced advisors
The Braxton Professional Advisor Network represents established independent professional advisory firms and persons offering experience across a broad range of specialties such as law, tax, accountancy, finance and consulting.

Participating professional advisors average 15 years of professional advisory experience.

Braxton Network advisors are independent and are not employees or agents of Braxton. Braxton prescreens advisors and checks their experience and credentials against criteria Braxton sets, such as years of experience, transparency, professional education, regulatory licensing (if applicable), and business relationships. Braxton does not supervise professional advisors and does not prepare, verify or endorse information distributed by professional advisors. Clients must decide whether to hire an advisor and what authority to give him/her. Clients, not Braxton, are responsible for monitoring and evaluating advisor’s service, performance and quality.