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Eligibility to be a Braxton´s Independent Advisor:
– Education: Bachelor’s degree, in any discipline.

– Specialized Education or Training: Independent advisers must have a broad-based advanced education. A graduate or undergraduate degree in law, financial planning, accountancy, business management or similar.

NOTE: As an alternative, a minimum of experience or knowleadge in tax, company law, business management, estate planning, retirement planning, investments, and risk management may meet this requirement.

– Experience: An individual must have had at least 36 months of experience being primarily engaged in the above areas, which experience must have been attained within the past 60 months and must include the most recent 12 months.

– Continuing Education: Braxton emphasize continuing education every two years in each of the core subjects: taxes, asset protection, estate planning, retirement planning, and investments.

– Offer of Professional Services: Offer, or supervise others who offer, consultation in areas of professional services to clients. This requirement does not imply that every client must receive comprehensive proffessional services, but only that the independent advisor makes such services available to clients.

– Submission of a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Peer Review: Applicants for Braxton Independent Adviser status must submit a comprehensive marketing plan for peer review. The plan, which must have been prepared within the 12 months prior to submission, must address all of the customary factors.