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Entrepreneur Advisers

Braxton Entrepreneurs Advisers

Different approach

Braxton, as a Professional Firm of Independent Advisers, have an approach to advisers very different from the typical professional firm. Braxton model is based on the philosophy that we are having agreements with professional and experienced people, expected to bring in their clients, and we set them free. Free of bureaucracy, free of sales targets, free of conflict of interest, and free to serve their clients the way they believe it is right.

Clients & advisers are the key to Braxton success. Essentially, our success hinges on our clients and advisers – having one without the other is unfeasible – the key is keeping them both happy.

Independent Advisers have the liberty to decide who they want as clients and how they want to serve them, within some general guidelines. We provide some tools and infrastructure. That, at the end of the day, creates happy advisers, happy staff members and with it happy clients. And that, I believe, is the key to the success.

Entrepreneur Advisers

Braxton offers its independent advisers the chance to work on their own terms, define their own client base, hire assistants and ultimately run their own profit-and-loss (P&L) accounts. These appeals to mature experienced advisers.

It is a win-win situation, since:

• Braxton benefits from the entrepreneurial drive of independent advisors;
• Advisors act as true independents in an open architecture style.

Braxton strives to keep the non-client related administrative burden on their advisers at a minimum. This approach,centred on the advisers makes Braxton a unique place for talented individuals to develop their customer base.

Entrepreneur opportunities

Braxton has a clear focus on expatriates, professionals, international companies and their owners, and other affluent consumers. Our business mix gives us a competitive edge in our chosen markets and client segments.

We welcome entrepreneurs and employees with a entrepreneur sin from any discipline, although an education background in business, economics, finance, IT, law or tax with good language skills would be an excellent starting point.

Whether you have several years’ work experience or are applying fresh from university, you will demonstrate commercial flair and a genuine interest in the world of finance.

Our entrepreneur approach

We can offer you more than a job to you. You can become a company owner with us. Many of our independent advisors have the experience and knowledge gained from years of service knowledge, management and leadership. You would be surprised how many are considering business ownership. They prefer to build equity in the business at a faster pace or create expanded income generation

Maybe your next career path is a business collaboration with Braxton. Join Us. We know that investing in your own new business and starting a small business can be a confusing journey. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive information package. To learn more about our network of Independent Advisers, and how to belong, please contact us.