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Working with us

Discover the benefits of working with Braxton

Why move your business to Braxton? The answer is simple: Adopting the Independent Advisor model with Braxton is the clearest path to gaining more control over your practice.

We use a proven approach to helping you make the transition to Braxton, complete with customized strategy, planning and end-to-end coordination of the process. We can even help you manage all aspects of launching your business with Braxton Start-Up, which offers best in class tools and services.

Why advisors like you choose to work with Braxton
How many times have you wished you could do things differently for your clients or receive a greater reward for the services you provide? As an independent advisor working with Braxton, you can:

  • Access to the people you need, including a dedicated service team of experts in solving complex issues.
  • Retain clients and grow your firm.
  • Have control over solutions for your clients, and have the advantage of Braxton platform with comprehensive research tools and resources and access to a wide range of specialized services.
  • Have total control over managing expenses, to gain greater control of the net revenue you earn.
  • Get full support for your day-to-day operations, including expert guidance in specific areas of practice and back-office support.