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Referencing Referrals
If you want qualified potential customers sent your way, who will you call?.

While many professional (tax, legal, financial, accountancy) advisors around the world struggle to bring in new clients and grow their businesses, others enjoy an embarrassment of riches—they have so much new business they don’t know how to handle it. Why?.

In many instances, prospect-loaded professional advisory firms have discovered the power of a referral network. Referral networks are offered by some organizations such as Braxton.

To independent professional advisory firms, referral networks are critical. Some lawyers, tax consultants or agents at big accountancy or legal firms, or at big financial companies have the power of big brands and marketing campaigns behind them. To an independent advisor, a good referral network can level the playing field. Braxton, for example, have houndreds of sites, and use search engine techniques to lure prospects to its Web sites.