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Social Media Marketing Strategy
Developing a basic social media marketing strategy requires two steps:
Step 1: Choose one to three social networking sites to actively join. While you can join as many as you wish, it is more important to be active in a few sites than inactive in a dozen sites. Each site you join is a time commitment, so be realistic in how many sites you can actively participate. Blank lines have been provided for
you to add additional sites. Site demographics can be found at www.quantcast.com.

Step 2: Choose communication tools that provide compelling content to drive people to learn more about your business. The common types of communication tools have been included along with examples and/or service providers.

Step 1: Choose Social Networking Sites. Examples:

  • Eons.com Social Networking Site for Baby Boomers
  • Facebook Social Networking Site for the General Public
  • LinkedIn Social Networking Site Primarily Focused on Professionals
  • Meetup.com Social Networking Site Used to Organize Offline Meetings
  • MySpace Social Networking Site Generally for Teens and Young Adults
  • Twitter Micro-Blogging Site for the General Population

Step 2: Choose Communication Tools to Promote Your Business. Examples/Service Providers:

  • Blogs Blogger.com, Typepad.com, WordPress.com, MIAGD.com
  • Document Sharing Box.net, Google Presentation, SlideShare.com
  • E-Book Electronic Book in .pdf Format
  • Event Registration Cvent.com, Eventbrite.com, Regonline.com
  • Internet Radio BlogTalkRadio.com
  • Newsletter Articles Electronic Copies of Your Print or Electronic Newsletter
  • Podcasts iTunes
  • Press Releases BusinessWire, Free-Press-Release.com, PRNewswire, PRWeb.com
  • Videos/Video Blog Vimeo.com, YouTube
  • Webinars Gotowebinar.com, Webex