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Sell Faster

Sales strategies
There are a few simple strategies you can use to make the job of recommending business protection easier and more profitable.

Target your message
Business protection is most relevant to the key people it is designed to protect. It’s therefore best to target decision makers. Examples are:

  • Partners and directors of the business.
  • Key people in finance, IT, sales and R&D.
  • Guarantors of any business loans the company may hold.

Use your contacts
Remember that one excellent audience to consider when promoting business protection is your everyday professional contacts such as lawyers, surveyors and accountants. These are people that may be particularly receptive to the benefits of what you have to offer, and you already have a relationship on which to build.

Make the most of Braxton sales support
To help make selling business protection easier for our advisers, we have produced a suite of support literature.

Educate your audience
Many businesses do not have business protection simply because they have never considered the possibility of losing a key person. A good way to develop your relationship is to educate your clients about the benefits of cover:

  • Highlight the risks and consequences of not having business protection.
  • Ask thought provoking questions – could your business survive if a key person died or became critically ill?
  • Explain the financial implications of losing a key person.
  • Illustrate the day to day advantages of asset protection, such as best practice.