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Brand & Marketing

Develop the brand & marketing strategy of your practice

Whether you are a lawyer, tax consultant, accountant, phisician, etc, as you launch your professional practice, you will want to present clients and prospects with a positive impression of your firm. It can help you to create a brand and use a marketing approach that communicates clear, distinct, consistent messages about you and your offering:

  • Choose a name for your business, if you have not done so already
  • Create a business logo
  • Build a Web site, and be sure to keep it current
  • Determine how you will announce the opening of your firm, possibly through a press release or advertisement
  • Order stationery and business cards
  • Create or order marketing materials

Be sure to consult with your legal advisor (if this is not your profession) to determine the applicability or effect of any laws, regulations, or rules governing the use, production, and/or distribution of marketing materials. It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary regulatory, legal, governmental, or other consents, licenses, releases, approvals, or authorizations that may be required.