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Braxton Online learning resources

Braxton Learning programme brings advisers even more learning opportunities with a variety of seminars brought direct to your computer.

Video Library
This video library holds presentations from previous Braxton Learning meetings, including our new virtual events.

Adviser Skills
Do you have clients who cost you time and money? Are you tired of always being reactive? Would you like to be more profitable and know how to set the correct fee structure? Investing a little time now to plan for the future, could prove one of the most rewarding things you do this year. If you are looking for ways to proactively seek and exploit new opportunities and put plans in place for new markets then you should attend this session.

Protection Seminars
The Protection Adviser Seminars were designed to help advisers maximise advice opportunities in all areas of protection and help them understand how to develop into areas of protection where they may not have given advice before.

Wealth Protection Seminar
Supported by Braxton, the Wealth Protection Seminar explored sales opportunities in the protection arena, including business protection adding to existing knowledge and highlighting how key this area of business is when cementing a relationship with professional connections, whilst introducing tools that are available to support your advice.

Business Technical Protection Seminar
This Protection Technical Seminar provides advisers with an update on the latest solution developments, as well as help you to add value to your advice proposition. Including the cost of unprotected success for business owners.